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Are sex categories—male and female—real, immutable, and binary? Or are they “social constructs”? Colin Wright, Ph.D. in evolutionary biology and fellow at the Manhattan Institute, has the answer.

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Asked to define the word “woman” during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 2022, Judge Ketanji Jackson famously demurred, saying “I’m not a biologist.”

Well, I am a biologist, and I’m here to help.

To that end, let me rephrase the question to Judge Jackson: are sex categories in humans—male and female—real, immutable, and binary, or are they merely “social constructs”?

Answer: real (that’s just the way it is and we all know it), immutable (it can’t be changed), and binary (there are only two sexes, not three or four or fifty-seven).

This is true throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. An organism’s sex is defined by the type of gamete (sperm or ova) it can or would produce. Males have the function of producing sperm, or small gametes; and females, ova, or large ones. There is no third gamete type. There are only two.

Therefore, sex is binary. This shouldn’t be controversial. It’s just basic biology.

Every one of us is the result of a male and female (our biological mom and dad) successfully reproducing. Sorry to make you think about that. Without the existence of males and females, I wouldn’t be here right now, and neither would you. Our species would have gone extinct long ago.

Many “gender” activists, however, falsely assert that sex cannot be binary and must be viewed as a “spectrum” because a very small number of people have genitalia that appear ambiguous or mixed, phenomena known as intersex conditions. These idealogues claim the existence of such conditions renders the categories “male” and “female” meaningless.

But intersex conditions don’t undermine the sex binary at all because sex ambiguity is not a third sex. The existence of very rare borderline cases no more raises questions about everyone else’s sex than the existence of dawn and dusk casts doubt on the existence of day and night.

Our society isn’t experiencing a sudden dramatic surge in people born with ambiguous genitalia. We are experiencing a dramatic surge in people who are unambiguously one sex claiming to “identify” as the opposite sex or as something other than male or female altogether.

Gender ideology seeks to portray sex as so incomprehensibly complex and multivariable that our traditional practice of classifying people as either male or female is grossly outdated and should be abandoned for a revolutionary concept of “gender identity.”

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Listen To My Kingdom’s Evolution Podcast Here