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Tucker Carlson highlights mainstream media’s persistent hatred and campaign against RFK Jr., illustrating the orchestrated battle between truth and conspiracy. The media, such as The New York Times, CBS News, and the LA Times, have labeled Kennedy’s views as threatening, dangerous, and “shaking America’s faith in science.” This extreme assault on Kennedy started back in 2005 after publishing an article discussing potential links between autism and vaccines. Presently, as one of America’s most censored figures, he courageously lets his voice be heard on Joe Rogan’s podcast, raising questions regarding allergies, autism, and chronic diseases. The attempts to discredit Kennedy expose media’s striking efforts to manipulate the public and maintain a particular narrative. Despite such efforts, his popularity now surpasses other major party front-runners, the public recognizing his authenticity and representing hope for a brighter future.

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Listen To My Kingdom’s Evolution Podcast Here